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Cindy Uptain, Superintendent
Homeless & Foster Youth
530 878-2606

Kathy Yang, Administrative Assistant
530 878-2606

Patti Stevens
Special Education
530 878-2606

SELPA Program Specialist
Sonia Moscatelli
530 886-5877

Placer Hills 

 Union School District ...

offers a balanced and engaging instructional program, serving students from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade.   We strive to provide a rigorous and relevant education for all students, so that they will be contributing, global citizens in the 21st century.  
The Content Standards for all curricular areas are adopted by the PHUSD Board of Trustees as frameworks and are updated following the schedule developed by the State Board of Education.


Search and Serve:  Placer Hills Union School District actively seeks out individuals with specials needs who reside within the district and are between the ages of 3 years and through the 8th grade including students attending private schools.